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TITRE DU POSTE : Manager, Transactional Solutions
DEPARTEMENT : Transactional Product & Services
TYPE DE CONTRAT : CDI assorti d’une période d’essai de 6 mois


Standard Bank RDC fait partie du plus grand groupe bancaire de l’Afrique en termes de capitalisation boursière dont le siège se situé à Johannesburg. Présente dans 38 pays dont 18 en Afrique, c’est depuis 1992 qu’elle opère au Congo à la suite de l’acquisition d’ANZ Grindlays Zaïre qui existait dans le pays depuis 1973.

Standard Bank RDC offre une gamme variée de produits et services par le truchement de ses diverses branches à travers la RDC via un réseau des intermédiaires (banques correspondantes). Nous avons développé une expertise dans la prestation des services liés aux besoins des entreprises minières, multinationales, Nations-Unies et autres organisations internationales opérant en République Démocratique du Congo.

Nos équipes allient leur connaissance approfondie sur les conditions et déterminants du marché en RDC à l’expertise du Groupe Standard Bank opérant dans les marchés émergeants aux fins de développement des solutions sur mesure répondant aux besoins de la clientele.


Links to structures
Job function* Transactional Products & Services
Job family* Sales
Job reports to* Head, Transactional Products & Services
Career type* Functional/Specialist
Job purpose description*



Responsible for driving client planning across a defined sector/s in TPS, according to the relevant client tier. Delivering the end to end client value chain and ensuring the achievement of all financial and non-financial business objectives.

Responsible for the delivery of TPS client income within a defined client portfolio and geography.  Responsible for developing and delivering the long-term strategic sector plans and working with all internal stakeholders to ensure optimal delivery of sector enablers whilst contributing to the long term TPS strategy.

Job criticality Operationally Critical
Key responsibilities*
Output group 1* Strategy and Financial- Deliver against approved strategy and budget with focus on product revenue drivers: of Cash Revenues, Trade Revenues and Investor Services Revenues
Key Activities (what and how) Deliver sustained financial performance through:

  • Executing against approved budgets for target clients
  • Execution of plans to deliver on agreed CROC through client profitability focus
  • Focus on sustainability factors (B/S growth, asset growth, liabilities growth)
  • Managing and anticipating risk
  • Non- financial indicators (client planning)

Responsible for setting the strategic direction, goals, growth initiatives and business objectives for the client portfolio, in line with the broader sales objectives.

Where applicable apply focus geared on a high complexity around Multinationals involving higher strategic engagements with a directed approach on global strategic planning with a wider range of stakeholders aligned to global strategies

Build strategic focus around market share growth and scalability of the business.

Ensure understanding of the dynamics of Trade, Cash Management and Investor Services with a view to assess market trends, identify new business opportunities or competitive threats in country. Devise strategies to capture the opportunities and grow revenues and ensure achievement of revenues across the sector.

Output group 2* Client: Proactively engage our clients to understand their complete banking needs and respond to those with integrated solutions.
Key Activities (what and how) Demonstrate and ensure a deep understanding of the client’s business by:

  • Proactively engaging clients through adopting the client planning TBCT or portfolio framework
  • Analyse and capture their needs through use of the client planning tools which reflect their complete working capital requirements.

Deliver client planning for all clients in the portfolio.

  • Incorporate analysis and output into client planning and utilise the client value chain approach to achieve focused outcomes.

Provide a seamless, consistent and optimal client experience through participation on a TBCT with other members of the TPS team, by offering:

  • Deep knowledge into the client’s businesses, sector and client value chain in order to appropriately advise and deliver specific solutions that address their banking needs
  • Becoming a trusted partner to clients founded on a sustainable and mutually beneficial relationship
  • Partnering the other members of the TBCT to focus on the right solutions for the client
  • Allocating appropriate focus (planning and delivery) and partnering people (tools and expertise) to service the specific needs of our most valuable clients
  • Effectively and competently representing the whole of the Transactional Banking within the Client Coverage Client Service Team’s (CST’s), where relevant
  • When necessary, partner with a Global Transactional Banker in contributing to a global client mandate from a local perspective

As part of a TBCT, quantify and provide information to country and group management by analysing the impact and economic consequences of market trends, changing customer requirements and competitor offerings for the dual purpose of performance management and strategy development. Implement actions as required and according to client tiering.

Identify and develop an evolving portfolio of clients whose key decision makers are based within the nominated country.

Maximise the revenue potential from the identified portfolio within the country and ensure it continues to grow by identifying new names and opportunities prior to entering the continent and according to the sales operating model.

Drive an integrated client experience by partnering on the journey to Universal Bank and evolving a bank-wide integrated value proposition that would add value to identified clients in-country

Where applicable, execute the TPS Strategy for the Origination Centres through engaging Global Transactional Banker’s (GTB’s) and executing against client plans for MNC’s

Optimise the client experience in the region by adopting the client planning & execution framework and achieve:

  • Expected CSI scores
  • Incorporated output from the VOC initiative into client planning & interactions to achieve client retention and SOW anticipated growth targets.


Output group 3 Risk – Reinforce the culture of doing business the right way by proactive engagement and ongoing risk assessment
Key Activities (what and how) Ensure adherence to the country governance framework.

Demonstrate sound knowledge and understanding of all Credit Risk, Audit, Regulatory, Compliance, Legal

Collaborate with the Head of Sales or the country Head of TPS in ensuring Non-Performing Loans are managed well within agreed parameters

Take business ownership of and manage credit risk in country throughout its life-cycle.

Understand, document and track to resolution all identified risk exposures

Output group 4 Business Operations:  Contribute to effective ways of working in TPS
Key Activities (what and how) Partner with the respective functional colleagues in country, through providing client insights as required for signature implementations

Support and partner functional colleagues in pervasive cross-selling in country.

Minimum qualification 1 Type of qualification: First Degree
Field of study: Business Commerce, Finance, Accounting
Minimum qualification 2 Type of qualification: Post Graduate Degree / Honours Degree                                       Field of study: Business Commerce, Finance, Accounting
Preferred qualification 2 Type of qualification: Masters Degree
Field of study: Business Commerce, Finance, Accounting
Experience required 1* Job Function: Investment Banking and Corporate Banking
Job Family: Transactional Banking
Years: 5-7 Years
Experience Description: Experience working with Trade, Cash Management and IS
Products available globally, requiring a deep understanding of their features applications and potential improvements, with experience of translating these into a respective local market
Experience required 2


Job Function: Investment Banking and Corporate Banking
Job Family: Transactional Banking
Years: 5-7 Years
Experience Description: Extensive experience in banking sales in the local market, requiring a deep understanding of customers and competitors
Experience required 3 Job Function: Investment Banking and Corporate Banking
Job Family: Transactional Banking Years: 5-7 Years
Experience Description: Relevant client and/or geographical experience in the Africa region. Ideally gained experience working across multiple geographic locations in a global organisation
Technical Competencies
Technical competency 1*



Competency Label: Domain Expertise
Competency Description: Relevant Sales expertise
Proficiency Level: ADVANCED – Mastered the concept, able to act independently, provides guidance and training to others
Technical competency 2*


Competency Label: Market Expertise
Competency Description: Relevant African market expertise
Proficiency Level: SEASONED – Applies concepts without requiring supervision, able to provide technical guidance when required
Technical competency 3



Competency Label: Standard Bank Effectiveness
Competency Description: Knowledge of Standard Bank operations, technology and risk regimes
Proficiency Level: SEASONED – Applies concepts without requiring supervision, able to provide technical guidance when required
Additional Job Dimensions
Number of direct reports Number: None
Number of indirect reports Number: None
Financial accountability Type of Budget: Sales Budget Size of Budget (ZAR equivalent): Choose an item. Type of accountability: Directly accountable
Internal relationships * Role type of internal contacts: TPS Business, CIB and PBB and Enablers Nature of relationship: Provide and receive a service
Description or examples: Required to work with various internal stakeholders to achieve outcomes
External relationships* Role type of external contact: Customers
Description or examples: Obtain business, manage relationships
Nature of relationship: Influence their decision making
Work environment*


Physical Requirements 1: Open plan office
Physical Requirements 2: Choose an item.
Working Conditions 1: Domestic/local travel may be required
Working Conditions 2: Africa Region travel may be required
Regulatory Requirements
Regulated Role* No
Regulations that apply None


Les personnes intéressées sont priées d’adresser leurs candidatures par e-mail à l’adresse électronique en reprenant l’intitulé du poste en objet de leur e-mail. Les dossiers comprendront uniquement une lettre de motivation ainsi qu’un Curriculum Vitae détaillé à jour (en Français et en Anglais) renseignant les numéros de téléphone et adresses e-mails d’au moins trois personnes de référence.

Seuls les candidats de nationalité congolaise remplissant les critères susmentionnés seront considérés pour la suite du processus. Il sied de préciser qu’au regard de la nature du poste, les candidatures féminines sont vivement encouragées et que la maîtrise de l’anglais oral et écrit sera un élément déterminant dans la sélection des profils.

La date de clôture pour la réception des candidatures est fixée au vendredi 09 décembre 2022 à 17h00’

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