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Kenya: Call for Consultancy; Development and Delivery of Economic Empowerment Manual And Soft Skills Training for HAART


Awareness Against Human Trafficking was founded in 2010 by a passionate group of lawyers, missionaries and humanitarians under the leadership of Radoslaw Malinowski who observed that Kenya had become a hub of human trafficking in East and Central Africa. These people sought to bring awareness to Kenya to end the criminal activities of human traffickers and bring justice to the victims. Since then, HAART has worked to fight human trafficking through a multi-disciplinary approach. To date HAART’s staff and volunteers include professional and passionate people who have the expertise on matters law, psychology, social work, education, management, finance, Art, ICT, international development among others.


HAART aims to reduce vulnerability to exploitation for survivors of labor trafficking and vulnerable youth in Kenya. The approach is determined by participatory and inclusive practices through trauma-informed and victim-centered rehabilitation and complemented with targeted empowerment tools involving private sector industries.

The National Referral Mechanism has been developed and provides a good foundation for counter trafficking efforts in the area of identification, rehabilitation and reintegration of survivors of human trafficking. HAART Kenya targets to increase the number of successfully rehabilitated and reintegrated survivors in Kenya by 2025 through a comprehensive identification and an inclusive evidence-based survivor care approach. Vulnerable youth and survivors shall gain employability skills based on a participatory training & integration program with private sector industries and empowering with knowledge and skills that will lead to survivors starting and running successful and sustainable livelihood options.

THE ASSIGNMENT (Specific Objectives)

In realization of the existing knowledge gaps, HAART Kenya intends to engage a consultant(s) in designing, customizing, and delivering Economic Empowerment Manual that details the business skills, life skills and Soft skills training manual that will ensure bespoke capacity development of:

  1. Human Trafficking Survivors and vulnerable youth: Towards increased knowledge and capacity to start and implement successful livelihood options.
  2. Human Trafficking Survivors and vulnerable youth: Towards work readiness through life and soft skills training.
  3. HAART Kenya’s Staff: Equipped with knowledge and capacity to successfully provide effective technical support and supervision to the survivors of human trafficking.


The assignment to be delivered in three phases.

Phase one: A needs assessment shall be conducted through the engagement of our case workers, survivors and vulnerable youth to ascertain the needs that need to be addressed. This exercise will inform the content to be developed for the training of the mentioned target groups.

Phase two: Upon completion of the content development, the successful persons shall be expected to deliver/train HAART Staff, survivors and the youth on the developed business skills development, work readiness and soft / life skills training. Details of the training participants and the venue logistics will be discussed with HAART Kenya at the inception stage. The training especially to HAART selected staff should include practical methodologies and examples to monitor progress of the beneficiaries, simulation exercises that illustrate impact of promotion business startups and entrepreneurship among the target groups. The approach should provide a tailor made tool to document lessons and monitoring actions derived from the training.

Phase three: Whereas the training can take a few days, we expect to have a proposed continuous support mechanism both to HAART staff and to the survivors/youth as they take on the initial steps in their selected ventures. This should be available from July 2021 to July 2022 at least for 8 hours per month. Within this period, the consultant should devise a methodology that will ensure staff capacity to take on the responsibilities of supporting the beneficiaries henceforth as well as practical ways that will lead the beneficiaries to succeed in their respective paths. The Consultant shall organize structured online and in person capacity building trainings to Survivors. The consultant shall thus advise, devise, and deliver strategies aimed at strengthening the capacity building element of the programme.

Phase four: This stage of the assignment shall include development of a comprehensive Economic Empowerment Manual that entails step by step approach towards economic empowerment to our survivors. The training material on work readiness and soft skills training for vulnerable youths and survivors shall be incorporated in the manual. Production of the content is key to this assignment as it will shape the subsequent steps and success of the engagement with the target groups in our continuous engagement. This phase can last no longer than 14 working days. Avail 8 hours a month for consultative meetings and field support to the survivors, vulnerable youth and staff up until July 2022. This will be availed on a need basis.


The assignment is scheduled to take not more than 30 days from the day of Agreement signing between HAART Kenya and the awarded Consultant. The days are spread across the different phases as follows; Phase one: 2 days, Phase two: 9 days, Phase 3: 6 days, Phase four: 12 days.


The consultant shall deliver the following:

  1. Inception meeting and report.
  2. An Economic and Empowerment Manual that details work readiness and soft / life skills and business enterprise start-up model training material.
  3. Monitoring and reporting tools for small business enterprises.
  4. Opportunities and strategies for community based financial intermediation.
  5. Training workshop for staff and beneficiaries/ survivors of trafficking.
  6. Economic empowerment intervention reflection meeting with staff and action plan.
  7. At close of the assignment, prepare a comprehensive report detailing the process, deliberations, and resolutions arrived at through the capacity building process. The report will also include recommendations on the next steps and lessons building on the assignment.
  8. Continued support to staff, survivors and vulnerable youth after the completion of the training.


  1. The ideal candidate(s) should possess post graduate qualifications in a relevant discipline such as Economics, Business management, Communication, Sales and marketing or any relevant social science discipline.
  2. Minimum of five (5) years of relevant experience in teaching and designing learning courses and modules with a strong bias on Economic Empowerment initiatives. 3. Sufficient experience in creating the best conditions for learning and teaching new modules.
  3. Experience supporting vulnerable groups with economic empowerment.
  4. Demonstrate track record of delivering inclusion programs.
  5. Excellent written and spoken English and Swahili language.
  6. Be able to work independently within stipulated timelines.
  7. For consultancy firms, one should have a legal status, a company profile, and tax registration.


● Demonstrated ability to use basic knowledge of computer programming to select, produce and prepare media to use in delivering the training.

● A solid understanding of best practices for content, tone, and style for an effective targeted communication.

● Ability to package information in the learning mythology to meet the needs of the audience.

● Ability to deliver impactful and engaging facilitated learning opportunities online, e.g.

workshops, webinars; and

● Ability to facilitate peer-to-peer interaction and social learning in a safe space.

How to apply


Proposals may be submitted by individuals or consultancy firms etc. The selected contractor shall demonstrate proven experience in the topics outlined. Knowledge and experience on issues of Human Trafficking is essential.

The consultants’/consulting firms interested in this assignment are expected to submit proposals (both technical and financial) with CVs of the proposed team.

The technical proposal must detail the following:

1) Objectives and understanding of the assignment

2) Expected outputs and product

3) Demonstrable experience in similar assignments

4) Availability to deliver the assignment within the required timeframe. 5) Financial proposal in Kenyan shillings for the entire assignment

Interested parties are requested to submit their proposal responding to the terms of reference to

NB: Applications will however be reviewed on a rolling basis until the position is filled. The email subject should read Eoi – EE for survivors of human trafficking

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